Thursday, May 19, 2011

What We Carry

I used to imagine that babies were born free of the kind of baggage I carry around with me, but then I met my daughter. I never saw a baby when I looked at her. Not even the day she was born. I saw a complete soul with its very own agenda for this world. Agreements with other souls she made before she was born. Ancestral stories she carries in her DNA. And the sum of all the experiences of previous lives. Now I think babies just don't know that there is anything standing in their way. But then they have this experience of the body, and I am sure it rocks their world. Layers are added to the existing story. And for many of us, the question “Who am I?” becomes more and more obscure after each layer is added.

Photo by Shawn Keagy
How do we become aware of what we are carrying with us? How do we recognize and honor our history, and let go of what does not serve us? How do we shed the weight of others' desires in order to pursue our own? How do we stay present right here, right now?

I have found no instruction booklet, but I have found maps and tools in dance, theater, music, art, writing, relationships, nutrition, alternative healing modalities and meditation. As a perpetual student of the process, I never saw myself as an authority on any of it. But when I share stories about my journey, I am often told that I should write a blog. When I look back, I am reminded of the individuals whose stories inspired me along the way and of how important their camaraderie was when I was reaching along the edge. So here it is: my exploration of the physical, emotional, behavioral, environmental and spiritual tools that help me to express myself authentically in the world. I add my voice to the discussion.

Here's to finding freedom together.

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  1. Your soul shines through uninhibited and without hesitation. I'm with you :)