Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy Days

“Tomorrow is Mommy Day,” I whispered as I kissed my little girl at bedtime last night. Not Mother's Day, but Mommy Day. Mother's Day is about celebrating mothers. Mommy Day is about trying to recapture for just a moment the kind of connection my daughter and I had when she was a baby--before the outside world meant anything to her and when nothing meant as much to me as holding her in my arms.

For the past two years my daughter has attended preschool three days a week, leaving the other two days open for other adventures. Together we dubbed them “Mommy Days,” our days to stay in our pajamas if we wanted for as long as we wanted. Or to see our neighborhood friends and play in the park. Or to run errands holding hands down the aisles. Or to go out to lunch, one of my daughter's favorite activities (as much for the people watching as the food). It doesn't matter what we do as long as we do it together.

Photo by Shawn Keagy
Well, I have Mommy Days five days a week for the next month. Since her preschool was year-round, I haven't had that experience for two years. I have to admit that dread set in as the reality approached. How would I ever get anything done with her under foot for a straight month?

But a strange thing is happening. I am enjoying the freedom of not having to sprint out the door to get to school in the morning. I like that we can stay up to read that extra story. And most of all I am enjoying seeing her so clearly as we explore places we haven't been in ages or fold laundry in the hallway. I was worried that we might drive each other crazy, but what I am realizing is that most of our arguments are about time--trying to get where we need to go and do what we need to do. And that over the next five weeks, we are being given the gift of time just before the time-clock of school presses in between us. Sure, it won't be all whim and whimsy, but without the required interruption of our time together, there is room to breathe and to be.

Here's to being five-years-old all over again.

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