Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This week is the one year anniversary of this blog. I remember how terrifying and invigorating it was to write that first post. And no one was more surprised than I that people were reading--that what I was writing was resonating for others. But that's the reality, isn't it? We walk around thinking we are alone only to find that there are many others walking right beside us.

Picture by AMADAES
And that's the ancient story I hear every time I put words to the page. It's the one that gives me courage to speak when my self-doubt tries to silence me. We are all trying to solidify boundaries even as we are trying to tear them down. We are all trying to balance our connection to the group and our ability to hear what is ours alone.

When I titled this blog "What We Carry," I was hoping that I could free myself of the past. That I could clean my closets of old ghosts and define my borders so carefully that I would never lose my way again. But what I have really been practicing over the last year (the last years) is how to maintain my equilibrium--knowing when to merge and when to separate.

It was good to keep my distance while I refined my ability to distinguish my energy from the energy of others, but I'm beginning to see that I do my best creative work when I merge my energy with other heart-centered beings. This is the gift I brought in with me. As a teacher, as a mother, as an artist--I nurture things into being. And I make it safe for others to be who they are.

So it's time for a bit of transformation of the concept of "What We Carry." Yes, there are things we carry that do not belong to us. It's good to clean them out. But there are also energies we carry that are uniquely ours. How do we uncover them? How do we nourish these energies and make them known to the world?

Time to go back and remember. Remember what we thought we forgot about ourselves. Here's to anniversaries as opportunities to recover our stories--to remember the beautiful energies we carry.

In the spirit of merging energies, I invite you to write a guest blog for What We Carry. I'm also interested in sharing your photos, artwork, music and videos. Here is music from AMADAES, who is also the artist behind the beautiful picture on this page. Enjoy!

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